2 units of Mercedes-Benz A200 AMG Line
Monthly and Weekly Prizes from Participating Banks

How to Win?

Save JomPAY Billers as Favourites in your Internet or Mobile Banking and make payments.
The more you pay the more chances to win!

How do I pay my bill with JomPAY
and stand a chance to win the Grand Prize?

Look for JomPAY on your bill

Log in to Internet or Mobile Banking at your bank.

Add the Biller you are paying to as favourite*

Pay to the favourite Biller

*Some banks may require a payment to be made first prior to saving as favourites. Please contact your bank for more details.

JomPAY today until 31 July 2017

1. When is the promotion period?

The promotion runs from 17th April to 31st July 2017.

2. What are the Billers I can pay to in order to win the prizes?

The promotion is open to all JomPAY payments made to any JomPAY Billers.

3. How do I know whether the merchant/business/company (Billers) accepts payments via JomPAY?

JomPAY Billers would normally incorporate the information about JomPAY in their bills, invoices, statements, letters or website. Alternatively, click here to view the list of available JomPAY Billers.

4. How do I participate in the campaign?

All you need to do is make any payment (open payment or pay to ‘favourite’) via JomPAY during the Promotion Period at any JomPAY payment channels inclusive of Retail and Corporate Banking. Just check your bill/invoice for the JomPAY details and login to your preferred Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or ATM to pay with JomPAY.

5. What is a ‘favourite’ Biller?

The term ‘favourite’ Biller is usually used for Billers whose Biller Code and Ref-1 have been saved in the customer’s Internet Banking to enable faster payment initiation for future JomPAY payments.

6. How do I save JomPAY Billers as ‘favourite’ Billers?

This depends on your bank’s Internet Banking system infrastructure and user interface. Kindly check with your respective bank.

7. Can all JomPAY Billers be saved as a ‘favourite’ Biller?

No, this is due to certain Billers that have variable Ref-1 values. You may view the list of Billers that can be saved as ‘favourite’ here. This list will be updated on a weekly basis during the Promotion Period.

8. What if the Biller that I am paying to cannot be saved as a ‘favourite’ Biller?

You will still be eligible to win the participating bank’s weekly or monthly prize.

9.What are the prizes that I can win?

10. Who are the Participating Banks I can pay through to win the prizes?

11. How will the winners be selected?

Eligible winners will be selected by random draws for the Grand Prizes. For Weekly and Monthly Prizes please refer to the Participating Bank’s Additional Terms & Conditions.

12. How do I know if I am already in the running to win the prizes?

As long as you have made a successful JomPAY payment during the promotion period, you will be amongst the pool of eligible winners.

13. How and when will the winners be notified?

The two Grand Prize winners will be contacted via telephone by the winner’s respective bank in order to answer (2) two questions within (3) three business days after the winner selection date as specified in the Promotion Terms and Conditions. The Weekly and Monthly Prize winners will be contacted by the Participating Banks as specified in their Additional Terms and Conditions.

14. Who should I refer to if I have further queries on the campaign?

You may contact your bank to make enquiries or visit to view the Promotion Terms and Conditions.