JomPAY – Pay Bills The Easy Way
9 April 2015

In accordance with the national aspiration to accelerate the adoption of e-payments in Malaysia, Malaysian Electronic Clearing Corporation Sdn Bhd (MyClear), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank Negara Malaysia, has launched JomPAY, Malaysia’s national bill payment scheme. The Deputy Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, Dato’ Muhammad bin Ibrahim, officiated the launch.

JomPAY promises to transform bill payments in Malaysia through a collective effort amongst banks to make online bill payments ubiquitous, accessible and available to consumers, as well as businesses, large and small, across Malaysia.

"JomPAY establishes a shared infrastructure to significantly expand the bill collection coverage and reach for businesses. By establishing a relationship with just one bank, businesses gain access to the entire banking system and their customers can make payments across banks in Malaysia. To put it simply, once a business signs up for JomPAY, 42 banks in Malaysia, will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to collect payments for the business at minimal cost,” said Mr Peter Schiesser, MyClear’s Managing Director.

For customers, JomPAY is quick, safe and convenient. With JomPAY, customers can pay their bills anywhere and anytime using the secure Internet and mobile banking channels of banks across Malaysia. JomPAY is absolutely free for customers paying their bills. “Malaysia has 17 million Internet Banking subscribers, which represents a 56% penetration of total population. This is a large base of potential customers who will find JomPAY extremely useful,” said Dato’ Sri Dr Halim Shafie, MyClear’s Chairman.

“In our fast-paced world, consumers and businesses expect to move money faster and more efficiently. JomPAY ensures accelerated funds availability for businesses. All JomPAY bill payments initiated before 5pm on a business day will be credited to businesses within the same day,” added Dato’ Sri Dr Halim. A key innovation that JomPAY brings, is to allow businesses to receive real-time notifications of incoming customer payments. Once a business receives a JomPAY real-time notification, payment is guaranteed so the biller can immediately and confidently act on the real-time notification, for instance, to restore utilities services.

In conjunction with the launch, Dato’ Muhammad bin Ibrahim presented Pioneer Biller Awards to three visionary billers, Maxis, Telekom Malaysia, and Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor, that saw JomPAY’s potential from the onset and became early adopters. Their adoption of JomPAY paved the way for close to 100 other billers that followed in their lead.

The Deputy Governor also presented Biller Bank Awards to recognise the achievements of banks that enrolled the largest number of billers in JomPAY. CIMB Bank Berhad emerged as the top biller bank accounting for 37% of enrolment. HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad came in second while Maybank Berhad placed third. Since JomPAY’s pilot operations four months ago, a total of 116 biller codes have been enrolled in JomPAY.

About Malaysian Electronic Clearing Corporation Sdn Bhd (MyClear)

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